Institutional Investment Management

We have extensive experience in managing an organisations’ money. We recognize the challenges currently facing institutions, particularly in the current economic environment. Whether your main aim is to preserve the purchasing power of your reserves or achieve demanding return targets over the long term, we can tailor a product or service to meet your needs. Our short-duration, fixed income capabilities are particularly of interest to institutions, as is our ability to tailor a multi-asset portfolio to meet their individual strategy and diversification requirements.

Corporate clients

For corporates we offer individualized asset management services. Our corporate clients base the long-term success of their own company or institution on financial soundness, customer benefits, innovation and perseverance. We apply these same values when we are investing the company's assets. Investments are therefore made exclusively in companies that are well managed, produce products beneficial to society, are respectful to their employees, society and the environment and are also economically strong.

For us, creating wealth responsibly also means that we should not use complex financial products, but rather invest directly in stocks and bonds. In this manner, the financial sector serves the real economy.

Other services

In addition to portfolio management, we offer a variety of services adapted to the particular institutions. These include customised, flexible reporting; support in special projects; and training in portfolio management techniques, risk management, benchmark selection and portfolio guideline construction.

We also offer guidance on topics related to operations, such as back office best practices client base.

Fixed income portfolio management

Our fixed income strategies seek to capitalize seek to capitalize all sources of fixed income return by allocating across the fixed income spectrum to provide long term absolute return where required. Our absolute return methodology is based on a disciplined, relative value oriented, risk controlled process. We seek to maximise total return by investing primary in high quality debt securities across multiple sectors.

When investing in government securities we aim to provide low volatility, low risk returns.

Our solutions also look at liability funding profiles, financial objectives and risk tolerances.

We use a combination of fundamental bottom up research, relative value analysis and technical factors to identify opportunities.

Equity portfolio management

Our equity portfolios aim to deliver long terms returns that exceed their benchmark through disciplined bottom up stock selection.

We offer a range of strategies across the risk/return spectrum designed to meet a broad range of investor needs, employing two distinct, yet complementary investment approaches – Behavioural Finance and Research driven.

Our approach to Behavioural finance:

We believe that attractively valued high quality shares with positive momentum outperform the market due to pricing anomalies caused by persistent and identifiable investor behavioural biases. We select individual shares that have one or more of the Value, Quality and Momentum characteristics. This combination in a single portfolio can increase the likelihood of outperformance on a more consistent basis through different market cycles and over the long term.

Our approach to Research Driven:

Our research analysts seeks to identify attractive shares based upon three drivers of price – intrinsic value, quality and catalyst. This creates an information advantage giving us the potential to deliver strong investment results for our clients.

Property portfolio management

Unlike traditional investments, property comprises of tangible assets – office buildings, warehouses, malls etc. We deploy our highly specialized skills and dedicated professionals to maximize return on investment.

We have functional expertise as well as deep experience in portfolio management , acquisitions, asset management, accounting, sale and leasebacks, dispositions, appraisal and valuation.

We look to offer consistent, sustainable yields and growth

Private equity management

We believe that successful private equity investing involves having access to best in class investment opportunities and managers; conducting objective, rigorous and thoughtful due diligence and making disciplined investment decisions that consistently generate attractive returns over time

Investing in a sustainable future

For Bridgepath Capital, sustainable investing means that an investor uses his or her financial assets to make a positive contribution to the quality of life of future generations while, at the same time, achieving a fair market rate of return.

To reach these goals, a client's assets are invested exclusively in companies that meet the strict criteria incorporated in our investment selection process. Our team of sustainability analysts determines what investments qualify by answering the following fundamental question: What does a company make and how? In order to assess this, our analysts measure the company's performance in the following key areas:

a. leadership and employees

b. strategy and products

c. society and environment

Client Benefits

Bridgepath Capital’s strengths are anchored in our values. Since we live these values daily, you as a client receive very concrete benefits:

Double Effectt

Because we invest your assets responsibly, you achieve a double effect: your investments make a positive contribution to a sustainable quality of life and, at the same time, your portfolio achieves a fair market rate of return.

Personal Relationships

At Bridgepath Capital you have contact with both senior management and the private client team, who will gladly make time for personal, individual discussions. Your individual needs are always the central focus.

Understandable Investments

You know where you have invested your money – and why it is invested doubly well. Portfolios managed by Bridgepath Capital do not contain any non-transparent, complex financial products.

Transparent Fee Model

The asset management fee is fully disclosed to our clients.

Comprehensive Information

Our portfolio reports contain extensive information on the financial performance as well as the sustainability performance of all companies in the portfolio. You may critically discuss any sustainability issues or questions you have with Bridgepath Capital at any time.

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