Pension Fund Investment management

We offer individualized asset management services to pension funds. The pension fund's assets are invested so that they have two positive effects on the future. On one hand, they should generate a long-term yield in line with the market; on the other hand, they should help shape the real economy in a positive manner.

Adopting a long-term perspective and looking at opportunities and risks comprehensively is essential for pension funds. It is precisely this approach that we take in the selection of companies in which we invest pension fund assets. In addition to analyzing the financial soundness our analysts also take into account the environmental and social sustainability of each of the companies in which we invest. The aim is not only to achieve a fair market return but also to preserve and promote a sustainable quality of life.

With pension funds seeking attractive risk-adjusted returns in a low-yield environment, we can offer you a range of equity, fixed income and multi-asset capabilities and characterized by strong risk management. Pension funds are looking for solutions enabling them to match a dual objective over the long term: liability matching and search for returns. In the current economic and financial environment, pension funds are facing additional challenges, such as ageing populations, regulatory evolutions, which makes this dual objective harder to achieve.

It is our local, on-the-ground presence that enables us to meet the needs of the pension fund trustees and ultimately members. Our investment teams understand the challenges you face in our domestic market. And they will work closely alongside you to propose products and services that are right for your particular requirements as well as the prevailing market and local regulatory regulations.