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Malawi – your ideal investment destination. Embark on your investment journey with us, whether you are looking to INVEST or GROW your investments. We are here to help you discover the possibilities.

Explore opportunities in key investment sectors

Analysis of various indicators on the demand side of investment opportunities reveals priority in sectors featuring benefits in the form of supply chain accessibility, attractive policy environment, preferential market access and more.

Malawi at a Glance

20.9 million

Population (2023)

US$13.272 billion

Nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP) (2023)


Real GDP growth rate (2023)


GDP per capita (2023)


Average annual inflation (2023)


Corruption perception index (2023)


World economic forum global competitiveness index (2019)


World Bank ease of doing business (2020)

Investment Opportunities

Malawi has an array of incentives for investors ready to invest in the country, in a wide range of sectors.

Why Invest in Malawi

Being the Warm Heart of Africa, Malawi has a unique value proposition that makes the country an attractive destination for a growing array of investors and industries

Growing Economy

Investing in a growing economy can provide opportunities for higher return on investment as the overall demand for goods and services increases, leading to potential business growth and profitability.

Competitive labor market

The nature of the labor market may lead to cost savings for businesses and potentially higher productivity, as companies have access to a larger pool of skilled workers to choose from.

Investor friendly climate

An investor-friendly climate provides greater certainty and stability, as businesses can more easily predict and navigate regulatory and legal frameworks helping to reduce investment risk and enjoy tax incentives.

Developing Infrastructure

Improved infrastructure can enhance transportation, communication, and access to resources, leading to increased economic activity and business opportunities.

Preferential Access to markets

Preferential access to markets can provide opportunities for businesses to increase their market share and potentially improve their profitability, as they can take advantage of reduced trade barriers and gain access to new customers and markets

Political Stability and Security

Investing in an economy with political stability and security can provide a safe and predictable environment for businesses, potentially reducing investment risk and improving investor confidence.

Untapped Investment opportunities

Untapped investment opportunities can provide early-mover advantages, potentially leading to higher returns on investment as businesses can take advantage of unexplored markets and resources before they become saturated.

Attractive Investor tax incentive structure

An attractive investor tax incentive structure can provide tax benefits and potentially higher returns on investment, incentivizing investors to put their money into the economy and potentially fueling economic growth.

Malawi Vision 2063 Key Pillars

In January 2021, the government launched the Malawi Vision 2063 that aims to transform Malawi into a wealthy and self-reliant industrialized upper middle-income country.

Agricultural Productivity and Commercialization

Agricultural productivity, Agricultural commercialization, Optimal utilization of land resources, Diversification of the agriculture sector, Increased use of modern technologies and farm mechanization, Access to targeted agriculture insurance & Development of an agricultural finance policy


Industrializing mining, Increased access to affordable finance, Increased transport and storage infrastructure, Investment in power generation and access, Diversification and value addition in exports and competitiveness, Promotion of research, science, technology and innovation


Tourism, Regulated and controlled infrastructure, development planning, Creation of secondary cities & Domestic revenue mobilization